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Optimizing Change Strategies
To Build Team Risk-Taking and Creativity

Course description: Participants learn the impact of change on people, communications and trust; they learn to manage change efforts proactively to renew focus and contribution.

Course impact: Change efforts flounder not through lack of strategy or business skill but because leadership fails to effectively identify and proactively address the critical communications and trust issues that change imposes. This course squarely faces the people issues of change efforts. Direct application to restructurings, downsizings, team shift to market driven or quality improvement focus.

Key objectives: How to establish a climate of open communication in the midst of change; avoiding rumors and "them vs. us" conflicts, understand and eliminate factors and practices that damage trust, reduce fear and action paralysis in the midst of change, understand how organizational beliefs are impacted by change, the difference between enabling and limiting beliefs, how to reincorporate customer's and employee's most important values into organizational change efforts, renewing commitment to new performance goals.

Instruction method: A practical model (Five Steps to Change) guides the change management process. Participants work on real change issues. Facilitated self discovery approach leading to renewed focus and accomplishment. 15% didactic; 25% facilitated problem solving discussions, 50% experiential exercises/skill building; 10% summarizing success and takeaway application.

Course duration: 8 or 12 hours depending on client goals.

Recommended course size: 18 to 30 participants.

Who should attend: Top management teams, intact teams; middle managers; or team leaders charged with successfully implementing significant strategic change initiatives.

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