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Turning Points: A Course of Action

A Course of Action is a superachiever coaching program examining executive performance management measures and is specifically designed for use in the business context. It achieves transformative leadership in industry results by exploring both personal and professionally related issues; barriers of change management which influence our thinking, our decisions, and our effective leadership styles; the way others react to us; and particularly those mechanisms that cause us to hesitate to make decisions—a major source of personal and organizational stress and ineffectiveness.

The course is 25 to 30 hours of one-on-one training (depending on the individual) with a single instructor examining your experiences, beliefs, assumptions and automatic reactions to issues around topics such as control; dichotomies like success/failure, right/wrong and good/bad; communication; guilt; help; problem solving; goal setting and obstacles to attaining goals; leadership; emotions and change.

This course embodies a personal decision making grid + problem solving activity action plans. Although designed to be "up close and personal," intensive, soul-searching and challenging, the process is fun, as opposed to agonizing. One of the elements of the course's success is the highly efficient process that moves you through examination, understanding and resolution very quickly. Each topic closes with a sense of satisfaction, new understanding, and new ways of operating. Learning Center trainers have developed very successful ways of helping even the most reticent manager see the value of the process and become fully involved with passionate and courageous leadership skills.

How to Improve Executive Presence:

The training is offered in two formats: the intensive 4 to 6 consecutive day approach, or 1 to 2 consecutive day time periods scheduled over 1 to 3 months. Either format is effective. Course includes an interactive one-year maintenance/follow-up process to reinforce successful application of renewed attitudes and actions. An optional leadership/management 360 degree feedback assessment system is available for modest additional cost. Many executives have succeeded in getting through behavior glitches with A Course of Action, converting frustration in their career path into a promotion.

Modules include:

Control: An in-depth examination of the limiting paradigms of control including manipulation, fear, and avoidance. You will discover how to focus and leverage energy in the most effective manner while eliminating ineffective habitual behaviors through conscious choice.

Life Dichotomies: How do we gain flexibility and increased potency in those areas of life where we notice conflicts to achieving our potential? You will clearly identify limitation patterns and gain increased control with prejudices and negative judgments about success and failure, strong or weak, good or bad and other significant life dichotomies. Immediate strategies are developed to reverse any "blame syndrome" tendencies and for developing self-management skills in leadership.

Extending and Receiving Help: How can we maximize our ability to be collaborative, regardless of position in career and/or family hierarchy? This module highlights all aspects of help exchange and enhances our motivation and skill level to better help ourselves and our associates. The cycle of stubborn, inappropriate independence is explored. Relevant topics of effective delegation, employee empowerment and stress management are appropriately addressed.

Problem Solving and Goal Achievement: Details the fundamental practices leading to achievement of short and long term goals with team conflict resolution strategies. Using emotional intelligence leadership, the aspects of solving problems (or not solving) are examined including the fears of failure and success and the personal drive necessary to act. A unique and useful model of goal achievement is developed with a subsequent inventory of personal "grey areas" or non-resolved challenges listed. All non-resolved challenges will then be organized via written action plans within the framework of the goal achievement model. With this simple-yet often overlooked-process of bringing closure to tasks, one of the most practical needed leadership areas of improvement is addressed.

Communication: Often the primary interpersonal dynamic causing personal and organizational stress, and yet the most powerful and effective practice that leads to closure, peace of mind, and success. This module is more than lesson plans for improving communication skills: All aspects of the communication cycle are examined including past and present problems and emotional obstacles; culminating with leadership as a result of effective communication delivery skills, giving the ability to communicate anything to anyone appropriately and with confidence.

Success and Failure: How do we build progressively on success without somehow undermining our efforts? Sometimes we perceive successes as costly and do everything possible to avoid agonizing defeats. No matter what we do, success doesn't seem to follow. This module helps to put you back on the most direct strategic path to maximize your ability to be successful. You will discover how to deal with and progress from wins and losses without being addicted to either.

Leadership: What happens to us when we become immersed in the frustrations of daily living? How do we listen and follow directions? How do we empower ourselves to take control and not be victims of our circumstances? This powerful topic of the characteristics of leadership is taught through an exercise never to be forgotten. You will gain insights into the emotional influence of power in leadership; the essence of leadership; and becoming a more effective leader, follower and initiator to appreciate life's everyday activities.

Guilt: Often described as "emotional baggage" from the past, the burden of guilt can be a prime distraction to maximizing personal self esteem and potential in the present. With this topic, you engage in a process that describes the anatomy of how the mind holds on to guilt thoughts and even more important, how to let go of them and be free. Truly enlightening.

Better Personal Relationships: All aspects and problems concerning interpersonal relationships are covered in the course. An exploration of key assumptions and feelings lead to a renewed perception of how good any relationship can be, what choices are available and the components of effective decision making.

Emotions: Was there ever a course offered that helped us better understand what the emotions are and how to manage them effectively? This program does it with potency measuring emotional intelligence and work. The emotions of fear, sadness, anger, joy, passion, apathy and the roles they play are thoroughly examined. You will gain the ability to express and control emotions influenced by past events. Indeed, access to proper emotional expression is not only a powerful career tool, it enriches life in general.

Automatic Solutions: If you have ever noticed unwanted patterned responses or habitual reactions occurring in your life, this module will help break the cycle. From a series of questions, your particular set of automatic solution paradigms will become clearly outlined and appreciated. Beyond understanding, you will gain flexibility and freedom in acting and reacting.

Change, Adjustment, and Expansion: A Course of Action is designed to help you in managing barriers to change, while initiating changes and adjustments so that you experience a more fulfilling and satisfying life. This session serves to stabilize all that you have gained from the course, to adjust to new potential, and to acknowledge your expanded courses of action.

Support Articles: The following Library articles provide useful input related to this training course:
  • Score your strengths and weaknesses with our online leadership skills assessment survey. These are areas A Course of Action will address.
  • Leadership and Learning: Inflexibility can be converted to new learning through the 5 stages of the creative process for decision making. A Course of Action covers this and other areas of business and personal management.
  • How to Change: Your organization or team may be dramatizing its own fears by imposing change, rather than managing buy-in. With A Course of Action you can become a change management specialist. Bring change through effective one on one consulting. Contact Learning Center today for a price quote.
  • Relationship, peer mentoring, and the new face of leadership.
To learn more about professional confidence coaching with A Course of Acton, please contact Arky Ciancutti at coaching@learningcenter.net.

Testimonials on A Course of Action:
  • "Even more important to me than these techniques has been the self-knowledge I developed during our sessions. I have never experienced such enlightenment before, and I have been through a good deal of training of one kind or another. I recommend this Course of Action training to many people, and will continue to do so."—Robert Paar, The Dexter Corporation
  • "As the view of my interactions with others has been broadened, so also has my view of myself. I have changed. I have had my children comment on my changes. I believe that I have changed at my work as well in a positive and productive way. I feel this from the response I am getting from others as well as my own feelings. While somewhat hesitant at first, perhaps fearing that my standards, principles, and nature were going to be somehow "altered" in ways that I would not like, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to see themselves and others as they really are, to develop interactions based on understanding, trust, respect, and integrity."—Ed Seguine, Guittard Chocolate Company
  • "Nice Ventures had retained The Learning Center in April 2000 to help address executive team dynamics that were having an adverse effect on the company's ability to hold mid-management to critical profit and loss objectives. The company, while under severe financial stress, made a decision that without the ability of the executive team to work together effectively, the company would not be able to survive. In addition to monthly sessions with the top mid-level managers, we also enrolled several key executives, including myself, in individual sessions to help them function more effectively as leaders (the individual course focus being in key areas of leadership, communication, control, and commitment). These experiences helped navigate through periods of great uncertainty and economic stress. I strongly recommend The Learning Center and their team to companies with similar issues."—Laurie Thomas, Nice Ventures, Inc.
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