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Essential Communications Skills Lab 
For Today's Business

Course description: Participants learn how to send and receive communications with clarity, certainty and closure. They master the ability to communicate anything to anyone, comfortably and positively.

Course impact: Participants gain the ability to achieve closure in all communication situations, both one on one and one to group (presentations). They dramatically decrease the stress associated with difficult communications. This course is for people who want practice, not theory, in
communication effectiveness.

Key objectives: Establishing full presence, building rapport, gaining comfort and freedom with the emotions, tact, closure, receiving accurately and non-judgmentally; giving and receiving evaluations without inviting defensiveness; eliminating undue fear of sensitive communications, saving time with people who talk on and on, the art of effective questioning, and making impact presentations.

Instruction method: This skill intensive workshop focuses on practicing to mastery all elements of the effective communication cycle. Exercises are cumulative and are conducted in a win-win coach-student format. Participants practice as both coach and student for each skill, maximizing integration. Course facilitators provide ample personal coaching to participants. 15% didactic; 70% experiential exercises/skill building; 15% summarizing success and takeaway application.

Course duration: 8, 12 or 16 hours depending on client goals.

Recommended course size: 16-24 participants.

Who should attend: Managers, supervisors, administrators, sales and customer service personnel, intact teams, individual contributors seeking to enhance business success through effective communications.

Fees: Learning Center courseware is customized to specific client applications. Complete written project proposals are available at no cost. To learn more, please send us an email at info@learningcenter.net.

Support Article: The following Library article provides useful input related to this training course: How to Communicate Anything to Anyone.

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