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Keynote Speaking
Learning Center provides dynamic, thought-provoking and actionable business keynotes on these topics:

1.  From Them vs. Us to Trust
2.  Teamwork as Competitive Advantage
3.  How to Change.

These lively 1-2 hour presentations are distilled from Learning Center's 25 years experience in guiding leading organizations to tackle the thorniest challenges of change. Combining real world experience with proven principles, Learning Center Keynotes will inspire, challenge and entertain your audience.

In April 1999, Dr. Arky Ciancutti received the Speaker Achievement Award from TEC, an International organization of CEO's: "For your performance as TEC Worldwide Speaker and your contribution to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEO's".

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For more information on Learning Center Keynotes, or to arrange scheduling, email Arky Ciancutti at arky@learningcenter.net.
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