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Built On Trust
Strengthening Leadership Culture

The purposes are for members of a leadership team to establish a firm business trust base with each other and to begin to establish that working base throughout the organization; creating a trust in organization culture.

The process begins with extensive up front assessment, always including one-on-one interviews with leadership and members of representative sections of the organization further down, and sometimes including written surveys.

Following assessment and review of results, Learning Center works with leadership to establish a written, objective outcome list for the workshop proper and the follow-up process. These will include and not be limited to the development of a Trust Model, or set of behavior guidelines for leadership, and also specific progress on management's current critical path objectives.

The workshop itself is participatory and experiential. Periodic follow-up consists of one-on-one telephone coaching, conference calls as needed and short workshop sessions. Follow-up tracks both management action plans and also progress throughout the organization in establishing greater cross-functional closure, coordination, performance and accountability.


Working with current critical path objectives, leadership reviews and uses all information and skills necessary to earn trust with each other and the organization at large. Leadership creates specific, cross-functional action plans for successful execution. Participants learn which climate and cultural elements exist today in the organization that impede and enhance trust-based performance. Participants then create and practice the elements for improvement, and establish the basis for getting buy-in in stages from the entire organization.

The result is a major and immediate improvement in leadership performance, coordination and success. It establishes the basis for a major and nearly immediate improvement in true leadership and accountability organization-wide. Established trust will create new productivity in managing cultural change in the workplace.


1. To establish increased coordination, closure and accountability within the leadership team.

2. To establish Trust Model guidelines.

3. To establish understanding of the performance objectives throughout the organization.

4. To establish the basis for increased performance and accountability organization-wide.

5. To establish buy-in plans for Trust Model implementation further down the organization.

6. To deliver specific, actionable plans for the management team's most critical current objectives.

7. To follow and adjust those plans to successful completion.


Learning Center customizes the process using personal interviews, optional written surveys, one-on-one and conference telephone coaching, optional keynote addresses, foundation workshops and follow-up workshops.

Workshops for this process consist of about 15% didactic, 25% facilitated discussion and self-discovery, 50% experiential real-time skill building and action-planning, and 10% summary and planning.

Learning Center is thoroughly experienced with turnkeys (train your people).


We have found over the years that the process requires very little training time but must be followed closely for 18-24 months.

Assessment can often be accomplished over a two-week period. Foundation workshops for the senior management group are 1-2 days. In person follow-up sessions for senior management are usually bimonthly or quarterly for 2 hours or so. Learning Center usually provides telephone coaching and conferencing in between these sessions.

Foundation workshops for groups and departments further down the organization (the buy-in process) usually last one day. Follow-up sessions for these groups and departments are usually one half-day and are scheduled twice a year for one to two years.


The entire management or lead team. Follow-up sessions can include key Board members, customers, etc.

For sessions further down the organization, maximum size generally is 24.


The process begins with senior management. As the process unfolds, leadership can determine how far down the organization to invest. Learning Center often works eventually with the whole organization, directly or through turnkey arrangements.


Our fees are competitive. We establish fees on a case by case basis for delivery of the entire project, in clearly established stages.

For 30 years, Learning Center has absolutely guaranteed its clients' results and satisfaction 100%.

Turnkey licensing arrangements are per project, with no materials costs or other complex accounting devices.

To learn more, please email us at info@learningcenter.net.

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