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Built on Trust
Gaining Competitive Advantage
In Any Organization

By Arky Ciancutti, M.D. and Thomas L. Steding, Ph.D.
Published by Contemporary Books, Chicago, Illinois.

Book Description: Along with technology and innovation, trust is one of the most powerful forces driving business today. Yet many companies wallow in a culture that is almost devoid of this virtue both inside their walls and with their customers. What many people don't realize, however, is that trust can be created in an organization. Using Built on Trust for managing change in the workplace, companies can develop an enduring culture of earned trust that includes everyone on the payroll and increases opportunities to stimulate growth, productivity, profits, and job satisfaction at virtually no cost. This is one of your best conflict resolution and management tools.

Book Background: As a young pediatrician, Dr. Arky Ciancutti observed something that we all know intuitively: when a patient's health care team is actively interested and engaged, every day, the patient often gets better faster. Fascinated with the possible links between "team engagement" and executing better health care, Arky changed specialties to emergency medicine, where teams are critical and where success and failure are visible moment to moment. Arky asked questions like, "What causes working people to become committed, and then uncommitted?" and, "How can leadership encourage accountability for outcome in every team member, every time?" As his own trauma team members supplied answers, Arky began training emergency teams in the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually nationally.

As you know, our businesses have success and failures, too. When we're successful, we've executed well. When we're failing, we haven't. Within a few years, Learning Center's work spread to the business community, its main arena since 1977.

Recently, after the publication of the highly popular Execution. The Discipline Of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, Arky was approached by a reviewer of Built On Trust who declared the latter had "ten times more to say about execution" than Execution. If you're looking for articles on building an effective team, read Built on Trust.

3-Part Interview...

Recent Book Reviews:

“The timing for Built on Trust is perfect. Just as the Net is transforming virtually every aspect of business and personal life, it's also fundamentally redefining the notions of trust and loyalty. As the authors suggest: We're just at the beginning of an incredible revolution, and there isn't a moment to waste!”
Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Novell, Inc.; current CEO of Google Inc.

Built on Trust is a gem...a powerful and distinct contribution because it integrates our highest human aspirations with organizational and management effectiveness...Every lesson learned here will last and inform a lifetime.”
Paul Hawken, Founder, Smith & Hawken, and author of Growing a Business and Ecology of Commerce.

“The principles of trust and commitment have become part of the very framework that makes Women.com the company we are today. We talk openly with each other about issues and risks that we all face. The result is an open, decentralized organization where people support each other through an incredible bond of camaraderie and friendship. The Trust Models works and belongs in every modern organization and system.”
Marleen McDaniel, Chairperson and CEO, Women.com.

“In 1994, Women.com was ready to attempt the impossible: to build an Internet company serving women. Since virtually no women were online at the time, all we had to do was raise the capital, build the market and prove the business model. Enter Arky Ciancutti, a team-building coach, who began working with us that pivotal year . . .”
Ellen Pack, Founder, Women.com
Read Ellen Pack's full frontpage Career section review.

Built on Trust is a Ph.D. on getting fellow humans to cooperate instead of fight in order to get what every organization wants: success. I've used their methods in five of my companies to happy results.”
Dan Lynch, Founder, Interop, Lynch Enterprises.

“Uplifting, yet hard-headed. Practical advice for creating high performance organizations.”
Michael Rothschild, President and CEO, Manager Technology Inc., and author of Bionomics.

“If you want to improve the speed and quality of execution in your company, read Built on Trust. The winners in today's business world will be the ones who can execute superior business strategies better and faster...a surefire process for doing exactly that. Use it or lose.”
Dan Thomas, President, Focus, and author of Business Sense.

“Long before 'values' and 'character' became the dominant themes in presidential politics, a handful of business leaders discovered that ultimate success or failure was largely determined by the way they treated their stakeholders. In Built on Trust, Silicon Valley consultant Arthur Ciancutti contends that conscious creation of a true values-based enterprise—stemming directly from an open and honest environment of mutual trust—will produce the kind of effective and enduring competitive advantage that popular 'management programs du jour' never could. With the help of two fictional companies that employ different operational philosophies, the authors show exactly how such an approach might work and how it can be put into place appropriately in various corporate settings. The centerpiece of their plan is the flexible Trust Model, which addresses both individual and organizational needs. Ciancutti details specific objectives and helpful tools, including a self-assessment questionnaire along with step-by-step directions. This easily absorbed book fully describes the formulations of a program that can realistically reflect the beliefs and needs of an organization. It also shows that the organization can continue to meet the program's individualized guidelines over the long haul.”
Howard Rothman

Dr. Arky Ciancutti now conducts some leadership workshops at his award-winning lodge in Mendocino, California. Contact Learning Center for details.
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