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Meeting Check List 
   From High Performance Teamwork and Quality training courses

For Optimum Closure and Commitment

To achieve optimum closure, consensus, and commitment on any number of issues, use the following check list to prepare for a meeting. Press File Print Frame to receive two pages. Feel free to distribute as many as you need.

1. When calling a meeting, decide:
• What's the purpose?
• What will a successful outcome look like?
• Who must attend to reach the outcome?

2. Always circulate a clear agenda to help people prepare. Your agenda should include:
• A brief description of each item and time allotted.
• What the close on each item will be (open discussion, report, decision, follow-up.
• Any special preparation needed.

3. Clear meeting roles help produce an optimal outcome. Each meeting should have:
• A facilitator.
• A scribe.
• A timer.
• A closer.

4. Meetings are tools to solve business problems. The key steps in reaching closure with consensus and commitment are:
•  Identify the problem/issue.
•  Create a recognizable goal.
•  Elicit all ideas and innovations.
•  Devise strategic plans for resolution.
•  Create timelines and accountabilities.
•  Handle slippage proactively.
•  Acknowledge closure and celebrate your success.

5. A meeting write-up should be a short document of accomplishment. Try to include:
•  A summary of progress made on each item.
•  Any team decisions made.
•  Any accountabilities drawn and their timelines.
•  Any other carry forward items for your next meeting.
•  Agenda, time and place for your next meeting if possible.

6. A meeting audit can help improve the meeting process. This sheet can become a checklist for the meeting audit. Substantively, you will build a positive meeting climate if:
•  Everyone feels included and invited to participate.
•  Communication is solution oriented.
•  Pretended commitments are avoided.
•  Each item is closed in some form.
•  People generously acknowledge each others' contribution.

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