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Quality Task Force Leadership
To Achieve Specific Business Results

Course description: Participants learn and practice the strategic communications, facilitation, leadership and group process skills that make meetings work effectively to achieve specific business results.

Course impact: Participants learn to facilitate meetings that are effective, efficient and even enjoyable. They learn how to use meetings to carry an ambitious, multifaceted team or organization project to completion.

Key objectives: Setting agendas; staying focused; building inclusion and consensus; resolving conflict; reaching closure with real commitment, distributing and following accountabilities; gaining buy in with key customers for task force goals or initiatives.

Instruction method: Participants practice facilitation and meeting skills working on real issues. Facilitated self discovery approach leading to practical skill building and application. 15% didactic; 15% facilitated problem solving discussions, 60% experiential exercises/skill building; 10% summarizing success and takeaway application.

Course duration: 8, 12 or 16 hours depending on client goals.

Recommended course size: 16-30 participants.

Who should attend: Intact teams; cross functional quality, continuous improvement or task force teams; team leaders or individual contributors interested in leveraging business results and quality improvement efforts through effective meetings or cross-functional task force teams.

Fees: Learning Center courseware is customized to specific client applications. Complete written project proposals are available at no cost. To learn more, To learn more, please send us an email at info@learningcenter.net.

Support Articles: The following Library articles provide useful input related to this training course: Why Quality Fails, and Meeting Checklist.

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