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high performance teamwork
This completely customizable course details a company execution plan providing active practice of conflict resolution and management tools. Major issues covered include effective communication skills in teamwork; how does multicultural workforce effect teamwork; establishing trust, commitment, accountability; achieving high performance. Read more.

1 on 1 coaching
Each day of our lives consists of choosing directions. Some decisions have lasting impact. But prolonged "diving board" hesitation, with all its stress, is an unnecessary part of life. Truly satisfying choices are a product of understanding yourself and liking what you see. Our 1 on 1 coaching course Turning Points: A Course of Action provides thorough examination of your methods for the art of problem solving while building conflict resolution and management tools. As a result, you will experience a profound improvement in the quality of your life. Read more.

built on trust: strengthening leadership culture
Business intelligence is a process for increasing competitive advantage by use of available data in decision making; such as linking useful facts, filtering out irrelevant information, identifying reasonable decisions or courses of action. Emotional intelligence involves a trust culture—equally as important in gaining competitive advantage. Learning Center's Built on Trust: Strengthening Leadership Culture course begins with senior management and results in increased accountability, cross-functional coordination, and critical impact performance, beginning in the leadership team and extending throughout the organization. Read more.

essential communications skills lab
Participants learn effective communication skills in teamwork with clarity, certainty and closure. They master the ability to communicate anything to anyone, comfortably and positively; improving the art of execution in business. Read more.

choice points
A course in enterprise risk management, providing a systematized and practical approach to the science and art of sound risk taking. Read more.

quality task force leadership
Are your meetings full of dialog, but no resolution? Participants learn and practice the strategic communications, facilitation, leadership and group process skills that make meetings work effectively to achieve specific business results. Read more.

teams and change
A dialogue and investigation with peers on managing change in the workplace and organizational behavior; managing reaction to change; and culture change for customer satisfaction. Read more.

customized training/train the trainer
We all face increasingly intense challenges of change in the early 21st century. Managing change advantages and disadvantages become falling behind, or empowerment to new creativity. Our courses show how to meet performance goals while building a trust in organization culture. With the "Train the Trainer" package, your company can give its own high performance teambuilding presentation. Read more.

optimizing change strategies
Participants learn the impact of change on people, communications and trust; they learn to manage structure and culture change resistance proactively to renew focus and contribution through teamwork. Read more.

keynote speaking
Learning Center provides dynamic, thought-provoking and actionable business keynotes on the several topics. Read more.
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