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The Organization Challenge: We all face increasingly intense challenges of change. Among the key demands: be more competitive, think globally, do more with less, increase quality, exist for the customer, decrease time to market, navigate deregulation, manage diversity, transform our organizations.

Such enormous change presents us with a clear choice: respond or die. Organizations that resist or merely cope with change will quickly fall behind. Organizations that excel amidst such turbulence will learn to embrace change as a continuous process and to empower their people to create innovative responses that focus on opportunities rather than obstacles.

Our work has always been extremely focused: how leaders and teams, working together, become the key competitive advantage in any enterprise. The edge that can't be easily copied.

Some of the best organizations in the world use Learning Center programs to add tangible value in two critical areas: meeting performance goals and building a context of trust. The result is increased profitability in the broadest sense.

The Leadership Paradigm
Years before the new "leadership paradigm," we were supplying leading edge programs in our core curricula: high performance teamwork, leading large scale change, facilitation skills and strategic communications, risk taking and empowerment, coaching for accountability, trust and renewal.

For 30 years Learning Center has designed and implemented customized training programs that catalyze positive solutions to change.

Implementation & Maintenance
Implementation is achieved by combining skill building, problem solving and foundation sessions (1-3 days) which result in specific individual and team action plans addressing the assessment.

Maintenance is added for critical reinforcement. Typically, two-hour sessions designed to ensure that project goals are accomplished while teaching the principles of building on success.

Achieve Specific Results
We facilitate and guide you to your own specific solutions because we know those you will make work—while 'expert advice' you will quickly forget.

Because our courseware is process-oriented, it strongly complements your existing management, quality and continuous improvement programs.

Learning Center training methods are built on the premise that people want to contribute; that emotions and habit, not intellect, are the major obstacles to changing behavior; and that people won't change until they see what's in it for them. Consequently, Learning Center courses provide a self-discovery approach that focus on solutions to actual business issues.

Flexible Service Options
•  Customized training using our courseware.
•  Development of customized courseware.
•  Licensed Train The Trainer programs.
•  Special consulting (assessment, plans).
•  Key executive training (leadership development; one-on-one coaching intensive).
•  Keynote or motivational speakers for your meeting or convention.

Train the Trainer
Train the trainer packages are available for most Learning Center courseware. They offer substantial cost savings to organizations seeking strategic business objectives through training. Before installing a turnkey training system, LC works closely with your HR professionals to understand your unique culture, environment and goals. This leads to a customized course design. The Facilitator Manual for your Train The Trainer course is designed only after proven success

Trainer trainings are intensive 1-3 day classes that cover all aspects of course delivery.

Customized Materials
Learning Center turnkeys include customized printing masters and all supporting materials used in the course. Typically, delivery consists of:

1. A Facilitator Manual that is a step-by-step, user-friendly guide for teaching the course.

2. A Workbook that guides participants in actual course material and, in many cases, provides ongoing reinforcement.

3. Visual material includes handouts and other instructional aids.

4.  A complete set disks. Microsoft Word design templates ready to print. Depending on the course, surveys and other training tools may be also be included.

Following (but not limited to) are courses that can be customized to your needs and specific goals:

Teams & Self-Managed Teams
Teams are the fundamental performance units of excellent organizations. Successful teams are key catalysts to satisfy market demands for quality, flexibility, innovation and service. This course details the principles and provides active practice in the skills of high performance teamwork.

Participants convert current team productivity challenges to committed solutions. In the process, they build a team framework that continuously reinforces common purpose, clear direction, open communication, trust, commitment, accountability, achievement
and celebration.

Customized Risk Management
Risk taking is where the rubber meets the road on empowerment and creativity. Obstacles are real: personal fears, risk-averse organizational climates and lack of perceived rewards. Choice Points teaches sound risk-taking and support.

Participants learn how to assess risk in a way that minimizes fear and maximizes useful information. They learn how to make sound risk decisions and how to build support and guidelines for acting on those decisions

Quality Task Force Leadership
Meetings can be a powerful achievement tool or a time consuming, frustrating experience. This course examines the strategic communications, facilitation, leadership and meetings skills that make meetings work. Great for self-managed or quality teams.

Participants learn how to use meetings to produce specific business results. Skills include setting agendas, staying focused, building inclusion and consensus, resolving conflict, reaching real commitment, distributing and following accountabilities and gaining buy-in.

Optimizing Change Strategies
Change efforts flounder not through lack of strategy or business skill but because leadership fails to address the critical communications and trust issues that change poses. This course addresses managing change proactively to renew focus, trust and contribution. Application to downsizings, reorganizations, and mergers.

Participants learn the impact of change on people, communication and trust. They develop strategies to promote open communication and avoid rumors and them vs. us conflicts. They learn skills to rebuild trust and renew commitment to setting and achieving new performance goals.

Turning Points: A Course of Action
The Course of Action is specifically designed for use in the business context. It achieves business results by exploring both personal and professionally related issues and barriers which influence our thinking, our decisions, our style, the way others react to us, and particularly those mechanisms that cause us to hesitate to make decisions—a major source of personal and organizational stress and ineffectiveness.

The course is 25 to 40 hours of one-on-one coaching (depending on the individual) with a single instructor examining your experiences, beliefs, assumptions and automatic reactions to issues around topics such as control, dichotomies like success/failure, right/wrong and good/bad, communication, guilt, help, problem solving, goal setting, obstacles to attaining goals, leadership, emotions and change.

Although designed to be "up close and personal," intensive, soul-searching and challenging, the process is fun, as opposed to agonizing. One of the elements of the course's success is the highly efficient process that moves you through examination, understanding and resolution very quickly. Each topic closes with a sense of satisfaction, new understanding, and new ways of operating. Learning Center trainers have developed very successful ways of helping even the most reticent manager see the value of and become fully involved in the process.

The training is offered in two formats: the intensive 4 to 6 day approach, or weekly sessions of 2 to 3 hours each over 3 to 4 months. Either format is effective.

The First Step
Contact us for a no obligation, brainstorming consultation. We'll listen to your needs and goals. We'll help you sharpen your focus and suggest possible next steps. If we agree there's a match between our capabilities and your needs, we'll present your options in a customized, written proposal. To arrange a free session, To learn more, please send us an email at info@learningcenter.net.

At the very least, you'll benefit from 30 years of problem-solving experience. At most, you'll find a partner dedicated to leveraging your team's results.

Support Article: The following Library article provides useful input related to this training course: When Training Fails.

References: Click here to see what others say about our work.
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