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High Performance Teamwork
1 on 1 Coaching
From Them vs. Us to Trust
Team Assessment and Remedies
Need a Speaker?
Client Response
Business 2.0 Article
Union-Management Cooperation

Psychology Today Them VS Us America - Bandy X. Lee M.D., M.Div. with Arthur R. Ciancutti, M.D.


Our Approach to Customized Training
How to Build a Team
The Costly Team Problem: Them vs. Us
Trust or Bust
7 Steps to Closure
Since 1976 Learning Center has supplied fully customized teamwork with a company execution plan and 1 on 1 executive coaching solutions to industry worldwide. We work to your desired outcome list, often objective and always specific—and absolutely guarantee our work.

Every invoice sent out by Learning Center states at the bottom, "If you did not receive the value expected, please cross out the charges you feel did not meet your expectations and do not pay them."

Built on Trust: Gaining Competitive Advantage in Any Organization - A Silicon Valley Bestseller - The Learning Center Roadmap to High Performance Execution - From Them vs. Us to TRUST and COORDINATION

A COURSE OF ACTION - One on One Executive Coaching

In 1974, pediatrician and emergency department physician Dr. Arky Ciancutti founded Learning Center because of "a real and immediate need for performance teamwork in healthcare." Within a few years, the business community began seeking Learning Center's help, and now comprises 85% of Learning Center's clientele.

Primarily, Learning Center helps organizations increase accountability, cross-functional coordination, performance and earned trust. All our work is customized. We are experts at managing cultural change in the workplace along with multicultural workforce teamwork. We work to your specific outcome list, often objective and always performance-based. We follow up to make sure goals are met. Our work is 100% guaranteed to produce the actions and results our clients need.

Learning Center uses customized combinations of interviews, training needs assessment checklist, experiential foundation workshops, conflict resolution and management tools, intensive one on one, face to face coaching with Dr. Arky Ciancutti, optional 360 degree feedback benefits, telephone consultation and conferencing, follow-up workshops and sessions, and optional turnkey/licensing arrangements.

Our client list has been developed over 30 years and includes many Fortune 100 companies. Our last book Built on Trust (Contemporary/McGraw-Hill, 2001) has been a best seller in Silicon Valley since its publication.

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